Book Quote: “Solitude Is A Wonderful Thing…”



The Left Hand Of God is the first book of a fantasy trilogy by Paul Hoffman. You may recall that I posted a review of the book earlier this month, wherein I lamented how a story that started off so well quickly turned into a farce. As I mentioned in the summation of my review, it’s hard to think of a more salient illustration of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

In spite of its numerous failings, the novel does contain numerous quotable passages; the one I have selected below being my favourite.


Book Cover   Book Cover   Book Cover   Book Cover


“Solitude is a wonderful thing in two ways. First, it allows a man to be with himself, and second, it prevents him being with others.”

Paul Hoffman
The Left Hand Of God


If you are now feeling tempted to read The Left Hand Of God because of the above quote, be advised that you should probably read several reviews first (including my own) before making a final decision as to whether you are the right reader for such a book.

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