Don’t Miss This Review Opportunity From StoryOrigin

Are you a bookblogger or booktuber? Do you use Goodreads to review the books that you read? Have you ever used Netgalley or Eidelweiss+ to request review copies of books? If so, I’d like to draw your attention to a review opportunity you might be interested in. For the next couple of months StoryOrigin is offering the chance for you to request up to 18 different fantasy titles, which include, The Exercise Of Vital Powers, in exchange for an honest review.

All you have to do is visit the link below, to browse all the titles on offer, then submit a request for whichever book(s) take your fancy. Be advised that there is no guarantee your request will be accepted, but you won’t know until you take the plunge.


Click To View The Books

Please only request books that you are genuinely interested in reading, and can commit to writing and posting a review.


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3 thoughts on “Don’t Miss This Review Opportunity From StoryOrigin

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    1. In terms of attracting people willing to read and review your book, StoryOrigin is better than any other option I have tried, but attracting the right reviewer for your book is definitely an issue. The problem I have found with most of the people requesting review copies is that they neither have a good track record of reading and reviewing books on a frequent basis, nor do they have an online following to speak of so any review posted by them won’t likely influence other readers to pick up your book. Needless to say I have rejected far more review requests than I have accepted.

      What StoryOrigin is really good for is building up your mailing list by allowing you to arrange newsletter swaps and group promotions with other authors. I’m not sure any reviews garnered via StoryOrigin will do anything for you in terms of sales, because most readers are unlikely to see those reviews without prompting, but I suppose the greater the number of reviews a book has the more legitimacy it will have in the eyes of more readers.

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