The Apprentice In The Master’s Shadow




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Sometimes Respect Has To Be Earned The Hard Way.

The end of an arduous apprenticeship is close at hand, and Kayden Jayta unexpectedly learns that being the favoured apprentice of a living legend is not conducive to gaining the respect she deserves. With little time left to change perceptions, simmering resentment persuades her that drastic action is required to redress the slights of her detractors. Measures that may jeopardise her induction into the Order, and endanger her life.

An overheard conversation presents Kayden with both the means and justification to pursue her objective. The key to attaining the respect she craves lies beyond the borders of the Nine Kingdoms. But the window of opportunity is small; the danger she must face, great; and the price of failure, greater still. Undeterred, she will allow nothing and no one to hinder her from the path she must walk.

The one-woman mission to a foreign land will test Kayden’s abilities like never before. If she is to succeed in her dangerous manhunt, she must overcome enemies new and old before facing an adversary she maybe ill-equipped to defeat. And little does she suspect that her reckless endeavour will have unintended consequences, forcing the legendary Fay Annis to confront her infamous past.

But the trials and tribulations that lie ahead must surely be worth the risk, for only unprecedented action will permit the headstrong apprentice to step out of her master’s shadow.



“Stand aside Katsa! Stand aside Sabriel! Stand aside Sorcha Faris! Stand aside Celaena Sardothien! And Katnis Everdeen, you can stand aside, too. Kayden Jayta has entered the building.” (Goodreads Review)

“How this masterpiece has so few ratings and reviews is a mystery to me.” (Goodreads Review)

“From the very first chapter I knew I was reading something special.” (Goodreads Review)

“…there’s little doubt that The Apprentice In The Master’s Shadow is superior to many traditionally published novels that have benefitted greatly from unwarranted, manufactured hype in recent years.” (Goodreads Review)

“The intrigue and the adventure left me unable to put down this title.” (Goodreads Review)

“To say that my expectations were greatly exceeded would be a major understatement.” (Goodreads Review)

“Great writing, great characters (especially the two heroines), and great world building.” (Goodreads Review)

“This is such a great story, with lots of surprising twists.” (Goodreads Review)

“It hooked me quickly and simply wouldn’t let me go.” (Goodreads Review)

“I’m not an avid fantasy reader by any means, but The Apprentice In The Master’s Shadow is one of the very best books in the genre I have ever read.” (Goodreads Review)

“I’d be amazed if I read another fantasy novel this year that has me on the edge of my seat in the same way as The Apprentice In The Master’s Shadow.” (Goodreads Review)

“I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a page turning fantasy adventure featuring a feisty, kick-ass bitch.” (Goodreads Review)

“An incredible sequel.” (Goodreads Review)

“Brilliant! The only word to describe it.” (Goodreads Review)

“A rare find.” (Amazon Review)

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