The Wordsmith’s Word Of The Day: Loquacity

So, you’re an aspiring writer. And you’re currently working on a story, but you’ve been struggling to find a word that succinctly describes one of your character’s penchant for talking too much. Well, you’re in luck! My word of the day maybe just what you are looking for.   Loquacity [loh-kwas-i-tee] Definition noun, plural loquacities.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Nylon Angel By Marianne De Pierres

SHE COMES FROM A LAND DOWN UNDER BOOK DETAILS Nylon Angel (Parrish Plessis Trilogy, Book 1) Marianne De Pierres Genre: Science Fiction Publisher: Orbit Format: Paperback, 336 Pages Date: 15th January 2004 ISBN-10: 1841492531 ISBN-13: 9781841492537   THE REVIEW   It’s not easy being the kick-ass bodyguard to a leading figure of the criminal underworld.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Hyperion By Dan Simmons

THE PILGRIMS’ PROGRESS BOOK DETAILS Hyperion (Hyperion Cantos, Book 1) Dan Simmons Genre: Science Fiction Publisher: Gollancz Format: Paperback, 496 Pages Date: 24th February 2011 (First Published 1989) ISBN-10: 0575099437 ISBN-13: 978-0575099432   THE REVIEW   It is the 29th century, and humanity has conquered the stars, establishing the Hegemony of Man that comprises innumerable... Continue Reading →

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