Book Quote: “Those Bright Eyes Met Mine…”



I don’t recall when I first acquired Lian Hearn’s Tales Of The Otori Trilogy (at least the series was only a trilogy at the time), but I do remember that I had never heard of these novels or their author. My principal reason for purchasing them was they were on special offer, and I find it hard to ignore bargain buys that may never be repeated.

When I eventually made time to read book one, Across The Nightingale Floor, I was immediately taken with the quality of Hearn’s elegant prose, and the numerous memorable quotes that grace the pages of her novel. Below you can read my favourite such quote from the book.


Book Cover   Book Cover   Book Cover   Book Cover


Those bright eyes met mine. I knew at once two things about him: first, that he was afraid of nothing in heaven or on earth; second, that he loved to kill for the sake killing. Now that he had seen me there was no hope.


I find it strange that a book series that continues to sell as well as Hearn’s Tales Of The Otori seems to be relatively unknown among fantasy readers, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to those looking for a historical fantasy series heavily influenced by Japanese history and folklore. If that describes you, consider adding the books to your “to read” list right away.

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  1. This was a good series for sure. I wish the 5th book, the prequel, hadn’t been written though. Soemthing about it just didn’t sit right.

    If you want something similar but more modern, have you tried Steve Bein’s Fated Blades trilogy? It’s the most similar thing that springs to mind but isn’t a copy in any way.

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