The Wordsmith’s Word Of The Day: Salubrious

Have you been making great progress on the chapter you’re currently working on, but now find yourself in need of a word to describe pleasant surroundings, beneficial to your characters’ mental and/or physical well-being? My word of the day should fit the bill perfectly.



Salubrious [suh-loo-bree-uhs]

adjective, (adverb: salubriously; noun: salubriousness, salubrity)

1. conducive or favourable to promoting health of body and/or mind.

2. something (of surroundings etc.) that is pleasant; agreeable.

16th century, from Latin salubris “promoting health, healthful,” from salus (gen. salutis) “welfare, health.”


Although hemmed with a wall, parts of this dirty petticoat to Breccia seeped out through the gates in the form of foundries and liveries, kilns and furnaces, knackers’ and slaughter yards. Another trimming to the city was more salubrious: the bab groves, the rows of trees interspersed with slots and cisterns and vegetable plots.

Glenda Larke
The Last Stormlord


beneficial; healthy; invigorating; restorative; salutary; wholesome

insalubrious; unhealthy; unwholesome

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