A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed


So, yesterday was launch day for my latest book, The Apprentice In The Master’s Shadow. It pretty much went as I anticipated, meaning I don’t have a bestseller on my hands, nor am I likely to have one at any point in the next couple of years. I’ve not yet bothered to check how many copies have been sold so far since the almost non-existent pre-orders have given me a decent idea of the level of disinterest among 99.99% of the reading population.

You might think that I would be disheartened by all of this, but the truth is I’m not. The idiom that a pessimist is never disappointed is a truism that I live my life by. I had zero expectation of selling many copies on day one, so how can I be disappointed that my expectation was met? In fact I’m not expecting The Apprentice In The Master’s Shadow to start selling well until next year, at the earliest. What I have taken away from the low-key release of my second novel is how vital BookBub will be for me to drive sales of my first book and increase the size of my readership for my future releases. It is the only marketing avenue with a proven track record of actually working, hence all my efforts to promote my work will be focussed on securing a BookBub Featured Deal. The more people who buy The Exercise Of Vital Powers, the larger the audience for the sequel.

As I prepare to resume writing my next book, I’ve decided I won’t be actively promoting my books any more as it would be a waste of time better spent on writing. I simply don’t have a large enough platform to reach my target audience, or the finances to break through all the white noise in order to gain the attention of prospective readers. Until such time as I feel it would be a gainful use of my time, I will leave the task of pushing my books in the hands of the readers that I do have. Word of mouth is without doubt the most crucial factor in the fortunes of a book, so if you have read and enjoyed my books be sure to spread the word.


Thanks for reading,

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