Get An Advance Copy Of My Next Book

The release of my second novel, The Apprentice In The Master’s Shadow, is a little under three weeks away, and today I have finally been able to start sending out advance copies to select readers. Ideally I would like to send out a lot more copies to prospective book reviewers, so between now and publication day (Monday 4th May 2020) I’m offering interested readers the opportunity to request a free ebook.

For obvious reasons, as my new book is a sequel, I will only be accepting requests from people who have actually read my first book, The Exercise Of Vital Powers. However, if you are unable to meet that requirement, you may, instead, request a copy of the first book of the series.

To get in touch with me please click the ‘Contact’ tab above. Just fill out the form, letting me know which book you are requesting, which e-book format (EPUB or MOBI) you’d prefer to receive, and the email address you’d like it sent to.


Pre-orders for The Apprentice In The Master’s Shadow will commence on Monday 20th April, so please spread the word about the imminent release in May. In the meantime, add the book to your Goodreads ‘want to read’ shelf today.


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