May The Fourth Be With You


It’s been a long time coming, but my second novel, The Apprentice In The Master’s Shadow, is a month away from its official release. The long awaited sequel to The Exercise Of Vital Powers is to be published on Monday, 4th May in ebook and paperback editions. Coincidentally, this date is also Star Wars Day, which is rather fortuitous as it means I’ll be able to exploit the tag-line, “May The Fourth Be With You”, while marketing the book.

The writing of the book was a long and arduous process, but once I had finally completed the manuscript I was immensely proud of the story I had written. The narrative is very different from how I initially envisioned it when I began writing, and on a number of occasions even I was surprised by the turns that the story took. These progressions were not planned ahead of time, but were the product of writing without an outline, resulting in a better story. That said, I dislike “pantsing” and will likely avoid doing so in future.

By now you should already have some idea what the The Apprentice In The Master’s Shadow has in store for you, if not please visit the Goodreads page to read the blurb. Between now and publication day, you can play your part in helping the fortune’s of the book by talking up the upcoming release to your bookworm friends. Recommend the book and its predecessor, The Exercise Of Vital Powers, mention it on whichever social media platforms you frequent and get people excited.


In mid-April I will begin sending out eARCs to selected readers, with the hope of getting some good reviews in the lead up to publication day. Keep your eyes open for a future blog post if you are interested in getting yourself on the list of recipients.


Thanks for reading,

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